Friday, November 14, 2008

Maine Revenue

Maine State Revenue must be in a mess. Maine gets a lot of revenue from tourists during the summer. This year when gas was over 4 a gallon, there was a lot less traffic on the road than usual, so I imagine the state of Maine is in a real budget crunch right now.

Add to that fact that earlier this week the state sent out a bunch of certified letters to folks on payment plans for taxes owed. These went out before the monthly due date for the total amount owed. A few folks might just mindlessly pay that amount, even with a check for part of that amount in route.

It is, as the woman who answered the phone at the revenue service stated, "under-handed."

If in fact none of the unsuspecting taxpayers bite and pay in full, the state is still out the cost of sending all that certified mail. How many letters went out? I imagine to everyone that is on a payment plan, as the postmaster at my tiny post office said that he had seen "quite a few" of the certified letters come through this week. Hhhrruumpp.

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