Sunday, October 26, 2008

wind power

I caught T-Boone on 60 minutes tonight. That was right after my flat tire, so I missed the small bits but caught the important stuff. T-Boone owns a 60,000 acre ranch in Texas and wants to be the largest windpower plant in the country. For ten Billion dollars, he can put in 2600 windmills to produce enough power for 1,300,000 homes.

Now I am not sure what the ten billion covers-if it includes the infrastructure, etc, or just the windmills-but my thought immediately travelled to that 700 billion dollar wall street bailout Paulson just received. That 700 billion would have supplied windpower for 72,210,000 homes.

Oh yeah, other news today? Paulson, former Wallstreet exec and current secretary of the Treasury who just received the aforementioned 700 billion dollars from the American people to bailout big banks and anyone else he deems deserving, isn't going to stay with the job. End of Bush's term, he's out -Take the money and run, baby. :(

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