Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another Golden Day


Today we hiked on the power line trail. I remembered my camera. On the return trip, our attention was drawn to an alarm cry of the bluejays, and sharp eyed Willow called out, "A Golden Eagle!"

And there it was, emerging just above the trees that held the protesting jays. Then the eagle headed away from us down the powerline. Cam in hand, and desperate, I gave out the alarm whistle. I only recently learned that the Golden whistle is an alarm call, but they have always responded to it in the past, and today I was not disappointed.

I squinted, cam in hand, and Willow told me the eagle was headed back. I started snapping pix-fourteen fair ones in all. The Golden circled and soared- finally directly over our heads. Satisfied I had the best pix I could get, I waved farewell and we headed on. Just a few minutes later the second Golden appeared and headed away, still on the hunt.

Willow had collected some feathers on the trail-most likely from a nice wild turkey snack for the Goldens. That makes the third time in a week we have spotted them-or I should say Willow has sounded the alert each time. We also saw them the day we went to the beach, but I was driving and it was a difficult spot to stop.

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