Thursday, September 25, 2008


yeah! after a month of scans, updates, upgrades, downloads, and finally some very kind online assistance, I think this machine is finally clean.

I was asking for trouble-everything was outdated and not updated-so I was probably just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The timing of the attack made me wonder if it wasn't personal, though. Two days before I had apparently made some controversial comments elsewhere regarding my opinion of relationship status.

In general, I said that if one was married it would be wrong to hide the fact. That's just my personal opinion. Even when I have been in merely LTR's I have always been upfront about being in a relationship-even if they were ready to crash and burn and temptation was inches away from my face. LOL.

Well, it caused an avalanche including several offline messages, shortly afterwhich I nearly lost the main computer. But I'm back and now know better. Next time I run my mouth, I will make sure everything is updated in triplicate beforehand. :P

And to clear the slate-I don't wear a wedding ring because I am not married. The only males that have been on my bed in the last three years were animals-and neutered. hehehe.

Ok, glad that's out of the way.

Willow and I went fishing again this evening. She landed a huge pickerel! It was about a foot long and put up a big fight! She landed it herself again. Then I had a reminder why I cut the line on the rare occasions the kids catch one-they are slimy things! I lost my grip on this one four times before I finally freed the hook, which was thankfully in the side of the mouth where I could grasp the shank. Pickerel have an alligator mouth of teeth!\

Finally I got a good grip on it and I could feel the heart beating while I clutched it in one hand and teased the hook out with the other. Then I let it slip back into the water. Willow is so happy I taught her how to fish!

A little while later she asked if she could reel in and recast. Her line was only about 8 feet from the edge of the sluice, so I said sure, and moved my attention off her line as she reeled it in. Well, right now, the water is right up to the top edge of the concrete, but not flowing,. The water is about 8 inches deep there and drops off gradually. All of a sudden it was a scene straight out of the movie "Jaws" and there was a giant tidal wave and splash of water and she started yelling, "you said the fish wasn't one there, but I got it!" and then her line went dead.

I think something large came up after her line as she was reeling in, and flipped as it got up to the shallows-probably the mother of that pickerel she landed before. LOL. Scared me!!!

The water was like glass-reflecting the red and yellow foliage ringing the pond. It is so beautiful!!! And my batteries still weren't recharged on the cam and I had no other AA lying about! So no pretty foliage picture or pickerel picture tonight! Now the batteries are charged for tomorrow, we have a Hurricane headed our way!

That is right, I got home in time for the weather and heard that Hurricane KYLE-are you reading this, Tanya? LOL is coming up the Atlantic to the Gulf of Maine. Predicted to make landfall as a category one. There goes the foliage! And fishing at the top of the sluice-as we are predicted to get at least several inches of rain this weekend.

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Tonia said...

Who ever you upset must have been GUILTY!!! LOL Watch out for Kyle!!! LOL If the Hurricane is anything like the man I know he will mellow out rather quickly... To bad about your fall leaves though thats a bummer! Funny about the fish though! One time we were fishing with the girls and I was reeling in and wasnt even looking at the water and it was almost to the edge and Huge Large mouth bass snagged my hook!! It was 3-4 pounds I think Scared the pee outta me!! LOL Kyle jumped down and grabbed the line he was more excited then me! I tease him because I always catch the first or the biggest!!