Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hurricane Kyle and Tropical Depression


My moods are really affected by weather. Low pressure systems depress me. I awoke this am following a crappy dream where I woman told me I was mean and I was trying to find someone to refute that. I awoke to light rain and put out a lazy call to the Firebird to pull dog duty. He is NOT a morning person and refused. Bright little Willow leapt to the occasion and fed the dog and took him out for his business. She will be getting an allowance bonus for that kindness!

A check of my email found a critical note from an older sibling, and no response regarding a birthday package the saplings and I had sent out to another relative. Gratitude, love and appreciation lacking, I turned to my daily horoscope for consolation to find no solace there, either. :(

After tending the goats in the rain and the muck, we went to the local store as I needed a few things. I expected the place to be packed and all the milk swept from the shelves, but it was business as usual. Mainers are pretty unflappable. Even the AP recognized that fact in its Hurricane update-we typically see blizzards with winds in excess of 60 mph and don't even blink. What's a little Hurricane? LOL.

Still dead calm and light steady rain. We have had about 4 inches counting the storm Friday night. Kyle has gained in intensity and is now averaging winds of 80 mph, but is expected to weaken when it hits the colder waters in the Gulf of Maine. Predicted path still indicates that we will be on the western side of the eye, so we shouldn't take the brunt of it.

I saw the eye of Hurricane Agnes in the 70's growing up in a DC suburb. Our White oaks withstood the 75 mph winds, but were tossed like saplings. We had 12 inches of rain in twelve hours, and the creek I loved to play in rose over its bank sand swept out a bridge down the road. I remember when it was finally reopened a few months later-my mother and I were the first civilians to cross it in automobile. LOL I don't know why she wanted to be the first over-personally I would rather let a few hundred cars go first. Hehheh.

I do have a few personal concerns about this hurricane. Heavy rain -if we get it- could cause damage to the dam , my driveway, my road-not to mention other local places subject to flooding. Yes, we get some high winds here-blizzards and microbursts-but the ground is currently saturated and the trees top-heavy with water-laden leaves. High sustained winds could topple a few trees meaning property damage and possibly extensive power outages.

But, it just looks like a rainy depressing day out there. It is a warm rain-I was out in a tank top and jeans and not chilled a bit. My hair is still damp and frizzed. Even Peko didn't mind the warm rain-he raced around the car shaking his noodle after we returned from the store.

I did find some nice fall color to brighten my mood. Now it looks like pj's and comfort food for the rest of the day while we watch old movies.

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Tonia said...

Rain, comfy clothes,fall colors, big pot of soup and crusty bread with drippy butter....