Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I miss CZ and Doolybug :(

The coyotes were back last night. The back yard backs into miles of woods-and you name it, lives out there. Including a good sized coyote pack. They must time their hunting range to the phases of the moon-this is the third time they have come (that I know of) this winter, and each time I was menstruating.

That might seem odd to notice that, but in the past I have used urine splashed from a jug high up into the trees to fake the coyotes out, and mark my territory, so to speak. I have had to recruit the Firebird for urine donations when the pack comes around this winter, since I don't want to use menstrual urine. Well, who knows, it might REALLY scare them away...

I have had some great comic ideas for what the coyote might think when he smells human urine twenty feet up in a tree. Hopefully he thinks that I am sitting there with a gun if he goes anywhere near my goats.

Last night they arrived howling around the back line, and I stepped out on the deck with a broiler pan and a cake pan and started banging them together. I recalled KS' offer of bottlerockets, and had an evil chuckle about what the coyotes would think of that. They kept calling-fairly near, so I let out one of those "Hey you go on" in a big bad voice and the howlings stopped.

I could smell an odor and couldn't tell if it was disemboweled goat or the dish of meow mix left out for feral black kitty.

I went to bed.

This morning we were greeted at the back door by a presentation. Jingle the fat indoor/outdoor cat, had killed a chickadee. The head was neatly severed and placed on the fanned out flight feathers. She leaves us mice heads in similar fashion.

The dilemna now becomes if feeding the birds is beneficial enough to the group of birds to forfeit the occasional morsel to the cat? I don't think belling the cat would stop it.

The little goats were all safe and accounted for.

Laundry. OMG. Thank God I did laundry right before I burned my foot. I have just sorted FIVE WEEKS of laundry. Hopefully the foot is up to the task of getting it all done tomorrow-it is already in the car-

The foot is loads better. I actually have made it through the local megalo mart twice. There is still one spot not healed. Obviously third degree there. Yeah, that was hot water! I feel alternately grateful that I can hobble with discomfort and pissed it is not all better by now.

A couple of the barred rocks have started laying again. Big fat brown eggs. The eggs so fat they don't fit into the jumbo cartons. Tonight will be breakfast for dinner-eggs, pancakes, bacon, toast, occasionally homefries-and tonight fresh squeezed lemonade..mmmm maybe some hollandaise...:P

And the night comes down.


Wood Mouse said...

Actually the female hormones in erasures urine probably would be a deterrent for the Coyotes. As the pheromones of other mammals in erasures attracts males of the same species, yet appears to make predators more cautious. Also the urine twenty feet up may make the Coyotes think that a giant lives there. Fe Fi Fo...

But if you really want to solve the problem swap the goats for a flock of Road Runners, and leave the Coyotes a copy of the Acme catalogue.

~~~~~~Tonia said...

Glad your foot is better. I didnt have the foot problem but I had laundry backed up!! Big time!
We dont seem to have a problem with the coyotes here but the stray dogs that people are leaving for the Humane Society up the road are a big problem!!! Dumping an animal makes me soo MAd!!

Velvet Ginger said...

I am really happy that your foot is getting better! I should have read this post before I asked about it in a post closer to the top of the page.I am equally HAPPY THAT NO GOATS, CHICKENS OR CATS WERE EATEN BY THE COYOTES.
Being a Game Warden's daughter from Wyoming, I know that a female human should NEVER go caming or hiking during thier menstrual cycle, Bear find a quick meal that way! I am not sure about Coyotes though, I know they are fearful of human urine but Javelina's are NOT!
Again, I am so happy you are doing better!

Velvet Ginger said...

Oh...lol@wood mouse's comment about the Acme catalogue and coyotes!

tree ocean said...

and don't go swimming with sharks, either!! too bad it doesn't work with javelinas!!!

LOL as always mouse.

Tonia, I would get mad about the dog dumping too. :(